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A larger than usual 19th century copper double ended bathtub.  Reclaimed from chateau de Migneaux on the outskirts of Paris.  Original dark coloured painted exterior, electro-plated interior and original plug/waste fitting with control tap.  Beautifully crafted and solid copper bathtub.

Price includes clean blasting the interior and installation of new waste.


L171 H64-72 W74 cms.

Interior requires soda blasting to remove all calcium and grime before use which we can do. Might require installation of new waste.


Our story


We are a team of antiques and salvage dealers that specialise in sourcing the prettiest 19th and early 20th century French bathtubs.  We have a team based in France who hunt the entire country for exceptional, authentic bathtubs usually direct from private individuals whose family house the bathtub was originally fitted in.  The bathtubs are then shipped to the UK where they are restored by a variety of artisan metalworkers, polishers, shotblasters and specialist bathtub enamellers.


Why buy an authentic antique copper bath?



There are lots of modern reproduction copper bathtubs on the market that are usually made in India or China.  While some of them are undoubtably well made and the design based on a 19th century French bathtub, we think the aesthetics don’t quite match the look of the real deal.  Often they curve up too much at the ends, the plinth is too deep (to house modern plumbing), the roll edge too extenuated and the finish too shiny.   Worse still big Roman style decorative rings are sometimes added to the front.


Last forever

In the mid to late 19th century, if you were the first owner of a copper bath you would have been either a member of the French bourgeoisie or the aristocracy and this piece would have been handmade in pure copper for your chateau or country house at considerably expense.  Copper is a metal that is highly resistant to corrosion so your 150 year old antique copper tub is likely to have years of use left in it today.  On top of that, there remain a finite amount of these tubs being salvaged from old French properties so their rarity and value are only likely to increase.


Easy to maintain

Copper tubs are surprisingly easy to maintain.  Copper has strong anti-bacterial properties and almost self-cleans itself.  Use simply a mild soap and water weekly and wax the interior every once in a while.


Condition / Construction

All the genuine antique bathtubs we source have a natural aged patina inside and outside.  The original construction of the tub was either polished exterior and tin electroplate interior or a claret paint on the outside.  Often the interior tin electroplate is worn.  We can either soda blast the tin coating to leave it clean and smooth or blast the electroplate off completely and give it a polished/lacquered finish or apply a white enamel coating.  The exterior could also be polished or left with its natural patina.


Alternatively, please see our stock of antique cast iron baths.


Please contact us for advice on suitable waste fittings.


National shipping available in our dedicated van or crated shipping to mainland Europe and the US.



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